Auto forward gst related mail one to another mail
How to Automatically forward GST related mail from one to another mail based on sender filter.

in this article i will show the process for doing automatically forward email related to GST from one mail to another mail id. It will help to get all clients OTP on our mail id and you need not to ask for OTP to client.

Note : This process available only when origin mail ( from where we want to forward mail ) is on Gmail.com

1. Click on the Gear icon on gmail 
2. then click on setting menu.


3. then click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP Menu

3, 4
4. Click on add a forwarding address a popup will open click on the destination mail id and click net then OK to confirmation

5. after this you will get a confirmation link on destination mail, just click on the link and forwarding is done.

6. Now go to origin mail for creating a filter.
7. click on down arrow near Search Mail box and write donotreply@gst.gov.in next to From tab
8. then click on Create filer then in the next menu click on forward it and select the forwarded mail from list and click on Create filter and you are done.

now afterwards any mail received from this email will be forwarded to your email / destination mail.
I hope this information will help you. you can also set this filter for income tax mails, or auto transfer mail to label.
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