how to change decimal places in tally
If you ever tried to change decimal places you know it is easy to increase the number of decimal places.

For this Just go to the INVENTORY INFO then go to UNITS OF MEASURE then ALTER the unit you want (where already Voucher Entries are Exist) Don't Increase the Number of Places without Backup of Your tally data else it will not be changed to lower decimal places.

In Case you have tried to do it by mistake of intentionally (where already Voucher Entries are Exist) i.e. change the DECIMAL PLACES in the UNIT of MEASURE ( Increased Them) then it is almost impossible to depreciate the DECIMAL PLACES in Tally ERP or Other Version of Tally. So before doing this type of Work just take a backup and put it in a safe Folder.

So if You have done it then there is no cure to depreciate the DECIMAL PLACES You have to follow below-given Procedure step by  step carefully

  1. Create A NEW Company in Tally
  2. Then, Create the same Unit of Measurement that you have a change in the original company. Like if You have Changed KG from 2 decimal places to 4 Decimal Places then in the new company Create KG Unit and Set Decimal Places 0 (Zero) or as you required.
  3. Close the New Company.
  4. Open your original company.
  5. Export All Masters [GATEWAY OF TALLY > DISPLAY > LIST OF ACCOUNT (D> L) > ALT + E] then select "ALL MASTERS" and XML Format. It will Export master data in "MASTER.XML" File
  6. Then Export All Vouchers [GATEWAY OF TALLY > DISPLAY > DAYBOOK (D> D) > ALT + E]  It will Export voucher data in "DAYBOOK.XML" File 

    Above file will be saved in tally Folder.

  7. Close the Original company.
  8. open a new company that is created earlier.
  9. in the gateway of tally select option IMPORT OF DATA > then MASTERS and enter the location/full-path of the XML file and select option "IGNORE Duplicates"
  10. Then in Gateway of tally IMPORTS OF DATA > Vouchers and enter the full path of Daybook.xml File.

By this way, all data from your original Company is transferred into the NEW Company having necessary DECIMAL places in the Unit Of Measurement (UOM) (as changed in Step 2).

Note: Remember in the original tally company if you have entered some entries with no value then you cant follow this Procedure.

Note: By following above-mentioned steps if any data loss has occurred we are not responsible for it. Do the following step on your own risk and before following above steps take a backup of your data or tally data folder.

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