List of Password Required for opening various files
Sr no. Function Password Format
1 ITR V PAN Number ( Lower case Alphabat) and the DOB ("DDMMYYY") Format. Eg PAN Is ABCDE1234F AND DOB is 01-01-1990 then Password is abcde1234f01011990
Note : Now All files Downloaded from Income tax portal are not password protected
2 Form 16 /16A /27D /TBR PAN ( first 5 letter in UPPER CASE ) and DOB in "DDMMYYYY" format.
3 Form 16B Date of birth in "DDMMYYYY" Format. Like ABCDE01011990
4 Any Intimation/ order (Income tax ) PAN with DOB in lower case PAN Number ( Lower case Alphabet) and the DOB ("DDMMYYY")
5 Intimation received through email ( Traces ) First four letter of TAN with underscore (_) & date of filing regular statement in "DDMMYYYY" format
6 Extracting TDS Consolidated file TAN NO_request number of Consolidated Statement file
7 PAN CARD PAN Number ( Lower case Alphabet) and the DOB ("DDMMYYY") Format.
8 Aadhaar Card First Four letter of name in Capital letter and Your year of Birth ("YYYY")
9 Extracting Justification Report JR_<TAN>_<FORM TYPE>_<QUARTER>_<FY>
10 Extracting TDS Certificate ZIP file TAN In UPPER Case
11 Open 26AS PDF File Now After option of Export PDF after selecting Assessment Year no Password is required
12 Opening TDS Provisional Receipt / Acknowledgement Tan in lower case


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