unprotect tally company data

Tally is most used accounting software in India. Having most of the feature that are needed to any accounts department of small, medium or large enterprise. For Accounting data it has also security feature which can be enabled while creating company or in existing company by pressing Alt+F3 >> Alter Company >> and enter Yes against Use Security control. Don't mix the procedure with tally Vault password.

Tally has given two type of Data Security as follows :
  1. Tally Vault Password : In this method Tally Data is kept in encrypted format so no one can access the data without password. In other word if you forget the password then recovery of data is nearly impossible. In this method after opening tally names of company list are reflected in Start (*******)
    Note : IF you lost the password then please contact the tally Expert or Tally Solutions. This method is not for Tally Vault Password.
  2. Tally User Security Control ( User name, and password): This method is used by majority of users. This method can be further classified in :
    1. Admin Login : This login has main control over data which can be set at the time of company creation or after altering company. This password can be cracked via the process given in the article.
    2. User login and password : as stated above admin login has main control over data so admin controller can create and assign sub users and password for tally with some restriction or no restriction who can login with their credential.
If you lost the password of Sub User : Then login with admin credential then  Press ALT+F3 Company Info>> Security Control>> User and Password >> Change the password of mentioned user. If you are not admin user then ask to change the password to user Admin User.

Lost the Password of Main Admin User : In case of Tally Admin user has forget or lost his/her main admin login and can not access Tally Data then what process should be followed :

Note : Make sure you have taken Data Backup before following given steps. So in case of data loss you should have backup.

Removing the user id and password from Tally / how to crack Tally Password

  1. Note down the Original company File number which can be find when company list is open.
  2. Create a New Company with Same Name you want of your data by putting some suffix or prefix to name to differentiate or Any other name. While creating company Remember the stater financial year should be same as start financial year in original company.
  3. If you don't remember the financial year start date then after opening tally press F1 then in company list After serial number of Company financial year start to end is shown. list if original company Financial year started from 1-4-2018 then New Company Financial year also should be start from 1-4-2018
  4. if in original company you have accounts with inventory then in new company should also have inventory with accounts feature which can be enabled after creating company via Pressing F11 >> Enable Accounting feature / Inventory Feature / Tax Feature you remember.
  5. Enable the feature that were enabled in Original company if you have not remember then enabled all features.
  6. Pass a dummy entry in New Company ( this is very important Step without this step process can't be done.) Remember the date on which entry has been passed or pass entry at the end if financial year e.g. if company financial year started from 1-4-18 then pass entry on 31-3-2019.
  7. Now Close the newly created company & Shut Tally then Go to the Tally DATA folder and Copy the File named Company.900 ( we have copied this file because this file have all the user login and password details)
  8. Open the data folder of original company and paste the Company.900 file. Replace the file.
  9. Before Pasting the file make sure you have taken original company Data Backup
  10. Now open tally Select the original company  as both company name will be same so you can find the original company by its serial number / Data Folder number.
  11. you will be able to see all the data but on Gateway of Tally you can see Date of Last Entry is given the Date you entered in New Company.
  12. so you have to rewrite the data by pressing Ctrl+Alt+R so the bug shown in point no. 11 will be forgone. 
  13. now in the original data you to reconfigure company Address, sub user login id and passwords.

Note : Tally is a registered trademark of Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd.

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