we are here again with an Excel utility. Many of us use paid software for income tax and Vat return, for vat and tax audit. And manage all our client main database in that software.

This utility does the same work i.e. it manage the client database in one sheet. It will automatically create an ITR password, 26AS password. when you click on the list item it will show all details but the password is not shown. you can copy the data and edit as well.

when you open workbook it will automatically open client data menu when you edit and again want to see that menu then just go to the home menu and at last, option-click on Clint Database button.

Some Screenshot as below. to view the actual size of the image click on the image.


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  1. It will be difficult for everyone to manage a huge amount of client data. But, with this utility feature, one can easily manage all the client data at one place. Thanks for the information.
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