Annual Return, GST Audit NOT much time left !! 30/06/2019 is the Last Date !!  So start the process Today and don't wait for government to extending the Due Date.

So first of all

1. Please start preparing for GSTR 1, GSTR 3B, GSTR 2A : Matching, Reconciliation.

2. Check : Electronic Cash Ledger, Electronic Credit Ledger,

3. RCM (calculation, payment) 9(3), 9(4)( for partial period).

4. Advance received for goods (partial period), Services.

5. Interest Computation, payment.

6. check : Submitted, Not Submitted, Amendment, Debit Note, Credit Note in GSTR 2A. 

7. Check Rule 42, 43 for ITC Reversal.

Please Note :
    1. IGST paid towards IMPORT will NOT get reflected in GSTR 2A due to non - linkage of ICEGATE portal with GST portal.
    2. RCM paid will not get reflected in GSTR 2A.
    3. Do NOT claim ITC for Section 17(5) items even if it gets reflected in GSTR 2A.
    4. Do NOT take ineligible credit or ITC wrongly given by any Registered Person.
Author : CS Saibal Chandra Dutta.

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