Below table shows differences between TCS under GST and TCS/TDS under Income Tax

TDS in Income Tax
Rate of TDS
Under 194C
Payment to Individual /HUF 1%
Payment to Others 2%
Tds Rate is 1% in all cases
Applicable Only If Deductor is Covered under Tax Audit (Individual/HUF/Partnership having turnover>1 Cr Applicable in Case of
1. Department or establishment of the Central or State Government, or
2. local authority, or
3. governmental agencies, or
4. such persons /category of persons as may be notified by the Central Governement or a State Government on the recommendations of the GST Council.
Cut off limit
30000 Single Payment Or 100000 Annual where the total value of such supply, under an individual contract 250,000 Single Contract,
No deduction of Tax is required when state of the registration of receipient is different from the location of supply and place of supply.
Challan payment
Due date is 7th of next Month How ever,
for March, it is 30 April
Challan payment should be on or before 10th of next month (Even for March, it is same)
Interest on late payement
Interest rate @ 1.5% per month or part thereof not exceeding 18% as may be notified by government on recommendation of Council
TDS Return
Return to be filed quarterly within one month from the end of quarter except last quarter
1. Quarter 1 - April-June = 31 July
2. Quarter 2 - July-Sep = 31 Oct
3. Quarter 3 - Oct-Dec = 31 Jan
4. Quarter 4 - Jan-March = 31 May
It is to be file monthly by 10th of next month26
Form no.
Form No Prescribed is
Form 26Q (for tax deducted at source on all payments except salaries)/
Form 24Q (for TDS from salaries)/
Form 27Q (for deduction of tax from interest, dividend, or any other sum payable to non-residents)/
Form 27EQ (for collection of tax at source)
Form No GSTR 7 Prescribed is GST
TDS Certificate
It is to be issued quarterly 15 days from the filing of TDS Return In case of late payment, Penalty applicable is 200 per day TCS certificate will be issued within 15th of next month, In case of late payment,  Penalty applicable is 100 per day Upto max 5000

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