Basic excel learning sites
There is a lot of website which offer to learn excel online whether it is basic or advance level.
if you want just google it you will find many websites. But Still i can give you a list which will help you they also give info of advance excel.
  1. Learn Excel, Charting Online - This site is maintained by Purna Duggirala (aka, “Chandoo”) Since 2004
  2. Free Microsoft Office Online Training Courses • My Online Training Hub - This site content is available free of charge and maintained by Mynda Treacy.
  3. MrExcel Message Board is full of knowledge resource.
  4. Learn Excel Blog it an extension of forum and Bill Jelen give many tutorial.
  5. myExcelonline.com, Excel video courses online giving video which help you lot.
  6. MS Excel 2007 - Gyan-Yagya- last not the least it also give excel basics to advance level video step by step. and you can also order dvd charges for which is nominal and courier to your home.
  7. Saral Tax India: excel-utilities Download Software - you can download shortcut keys from here and do the easy way.

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